The Future Generation of Student Leaders

At Global Impact, we recognize that the next generation is a generation of change. We are working extremely hard to foster an environment in which students can excel and create the change they wish to see in the world. To accommodate these future leaders, organizations need to offer them the tools to act.

Impact Strategy

Empower your students

On our platform, your students will be able to create, find, and join events and movements in their local area. We will showcase their efforts and volunteering initiatives on Global Impact along with the measured impact they were responsible for within their school and communities.

Enabling Institutions to Measure their Impact

Your organization will have a profile that your students can join and interact with. We will showcase the aggregate impact your students make towards your institution’s initiatives on Global Impact. By creating impact, your institution will increase its branding, attract and empower a conscious generation of leaders, and be a greater influence in the global conversation.

Fostering Communities‚Äč

Through Global Impact students can support each other by liking and commenting positive actions, join similar initiatives with friends, become leaders within their school, and compare their impact on a global scale with students from all around the world. Through our platform, students will have a new more meaningful way to connect and interact with your institution and community.

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