Our mission is to connect you with the people and projects that matter to you, facilitating positive change for both nature and society. We aim to provide you with the tools to make sustainable choices, measure your impact, and become a leader in sustainability.

A new social contract whereby individuals, organizations, and governments pledge responsibility to one another and commit to protect and preserve both the people and planet. 

Each participant ACTs by showcasing Accountably, Collaboration and Transparency in their individual and collective efforts to achieve sustainable development.  Global impact empowers every aspect of society to make a positive impact. We will make history with our innovative digitally enabled social impact platform.

Future generations will regard those that track, measure and showcase their impact as agents of change- allies with a common purpose and leaders of Global Impact.

Everyone is welcome. 

What side of history will you choose? And how will history remember you? 

We are disrupting existing social media by showing that social networks can have a purpose for good by creating positive impact. No more endless scrolling. No more harming social standards by comparing looks and likes of ourselves. No more watching and taking a back seat. Time is running out. Start creating impact that counts.

This is new era of status. This is your Global Impact.