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Unique challenges are involved in the effective management of nonprofits ranging from coordinating volunteering efforts, to reporting, winning grants and partnering with the right organisations which align with your brand.

We help you automate your volunteering strategy, provide in depth reporting on your activities and connect you to a global network of sustainable organisations and individuals.


Coordinate Volunteers

Invite volunteers to participate in events. Easily assign key volunteers jobs within projects. Automatically collate volunteers activities into comprehensive impact reports.

Compare demographics

Track, Measure & Report

Every volunteer’s actions are tracked and measured against our verification profiles to generate impact statistics and detailed reports.

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Grants & Donations

Provide donors and apply for grants with detailed data and reports with clear and transparent action tracking and story telling.


Sub-Organisations & Partners

Collaborate with your sub-organisations or chapters. Join forces with other organisations with proven impact history. Co-host events and partner on projects. 

Nonprofit Profile

Nonprofit profiles are showcased and marketed on our platform to a global network. You can customise your strategy through campaigns, projects and events which are tracked, measured and showcased on your profile. You will receive points, rank up and earn badges based on the impact your activities create.

Volunteers can join your nonprofit with a single click and start to contribute towards your goals and objectives. Volunteers can easily engage in your strategy and see the direct verified impact of current and previous activities. They will also receive points towards their Global Impact Score according to the impact they helped create.

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Employee Volunteering

Volunteering Made Easy

Through a social network centered around creating a positive impact, we connect inspired volunteers to attend your events and create large-scale impact. Easily create an impact event that directly reaches a likeminded community who can participate, sponsor, or support your cause. 

Impact Reporting

On Global Impact, your organization can access impact reports through technology verified data created by your impact events and projects. Share detailed impact reports for sponsors and donors and grants. Easily sustain funding for your organisation and your projects. Verified activity on Global Impact increase funding success.

Give stakeholders detailed reports on the success of your activities with quantified impact and qualitative story telling.

Impact Reports
Profile Impact

Sharing Best Practices

Globalization has been fueled by the rapid growth of technology. The interconnectedness of social media has been the key driver for engagement between individuals and organizations. 

Imagine a social network dedicate to serving your purpose. 

Global Impact creates an environment for organizations to thrive. Inspire individuals to take action and become change-makers by supporting and joining your sustainable initiatives.