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Nonprofit Profile

Nonprofits can sponsor or host events on Global Impact which are tracked, measured and showcased on their profile. They will receive points and earn badges based on the impact those events create.

Attendees can join the events and see the direct verified impact of current and previous events. They will also receive points towards their Global Impact Score according to the impact they helped create.

Volunteering Made Easy

Through a social network centered around creating a positive impact, we connect inspired volunteers to attend your events and create large-scale impact. Easily create an impact event that directly reaches a likeminded community who can participate, sponsor, or support your cause. 

Impact Reporting

On Global Impact, your organization can access impact reports through technology verified data created by your impact events. Download impact reports for sponsors and donors for sustained funding purposes.Verified activity on Global Impact increases funding success.

Sharing Best Practices

Globalization has been fueled by the rapid growth of technology. The interconnectedness of social media has been the key driver for engagement between individuals and organizations. 

Imagine a social network dedicate to serving your purpose. 

Global Impact creates an environment for organizations to thrive. Inspire individuals to take action and become change-makers by supporting and joining your sustainable initiatives. 

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Are you ready to make a Global Impact?

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