Employee Volunteering
Employee Volunteering

Give employees something to care about.
Empower communities

Empowering companies to track, measure and communicate the impact of their volunteering initiatives.

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Global Impacts aim is to build authenticity into our relationships and networks. We want to get to know the businesses that use our platform. We want to understand the problems you want to solve and ease the frustrations of reporting sustainable actions.

You benefit from transparency based action tracking. The cumulative actions of your members are funnelled in based on your impact strategy and collated into advanced business reports. You can easily share your reports to your stakeholders and take them through the actions that fed your metrics. 

Increase revenue streams by engaging with your community, connecting in a global network, collaborating with other organisations and utlising the impact content to market your business. Global Impact cares about supporting businesses who support sustainability. We have created a content based marketing machine in order for you to see immediate returns on your efforts.

Here is How To Get Started

Sign Up or Create an Organisation

You can build a customised organisation on global impact for any type or size of business.

Looking to partner up on events, projects and campaigns?

We have a network of non-profits, businesses, government organisations, and schools who you could collaborate with. 


Sign up Business
Choose Challenges

Select Impact Challenges

Choose the specific challenges that matter to your employees. Is your focus on recycling? Do you care about having clean beaches? Do you run donation drives?

Design a Volunteering Strategy

Global Impact allows you to craft a long-term strategy aligned with your sustainability objectives. 

Campaigns allow you to declare the overarching causes you support.

Projects allow you and your employees to perform actions towards multiple challenges and set clear objectives over a set period.

Events help focus your communities efforts on accomplishing one task over a few hours.

Employee Volunteering

Create an Impact Community

Employees can join your organisation. You can invite them to participate in events and projects and they can share their day to day activities with your organisation.

When they reuse, recycle or participate in clean up events their impact will be shared with your organisation.

Track Action and Measure Impact

Manage on-going employee volunteering initiatives and assess your compounded total impact creation.

Your employee actions automatically generate impact statistics which collate into impact reports. Global Impact provides a dashboard to give insight into employee engagement and verified impact for CSR reporting.

Measure the success of your volunteering strategy and adjust course based off of hard data.

Impact Reports

Create Meaningful Engagement

Employee engagement transforms company culture, increases team building, and attracts and retains talent. Simultaneously improving brand reputation and giving back to your communities.

Global impact allows you to create a supportive community, encouraging positive engagement and healthy competition.

Employee Volunteering and Community Engagement 1


Engage co-workers in a friendly and healthy competition in creating a positive impact. We allow you to compete on any level ranking in your country, within a specific challenge or overall within your organisation.

Employee Volunteering and Community Engagement 2

Build a Reputation

Showcase sustainability in a transparent, collaborative and accountable way. Let your actions speak for themselves and tell a story to your community.


Market your Business

Employee actions create a content generating machine. Marketing your efforts through powerful storytelling using tangible data to back up true impact creation.

Seychelles Minister
The Seychelles Islands

“The Global Impact Network will be very beneficial to local suppliers, businesses, organisations and event organisers looking to increase visibility of their products, services or activities”

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