Create Purpose
We highlight industries and companies that are leaders in sustainability and have a clear purpose to create positive social and environmental impact.
Satisfy Your Market
We create your business impact portfolio so you can show your customers, regulators, and the public tangible impact creation and demonstrate that your business puts stakeholders, the people and the planet, over shareholders that only care about profit. Complying with growing CSR and ESG audits and reporting was never this easy!
Become a 21st Century Business
Align your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and decision-making to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals- the increasingly essential framework for global progress.

Corporations with Purpose and Social Intelligence

We help businesses achieve successful sustainability strategies across the private sector. Global Impact redefines survival of the fittest by working together with sustainable business models that maximize the rewards of having a triple bottom line.

Assessment & Consultancy

We analyse your current strengths and weaknesses regarding your CSR and ESG goals.

Tangible Solutions

We provide solutions to your sustainability problems such as business model innovation; impact investing; or employee volunteering and community engagement.

Impactful Marketing

Market your created impact by directly reaching your audience through verifiable story telling

Create Your Impact Portfolio

We are dedicated to empowering your company with purpose to show value creation to their shareholders and to an increasing population of conscious consumers.

We measure and verify the tangible impact your company creates and allocate the value attribution to your profile- creating your own impact portfolio.

Our Innovative Approach Maximizes Value

We are disrupting traditional barriers of expensive consultation and time-consuming impact creation. We align impact events to your CSR goals so that you can focus on maximizing profits and do what you do best while we take care of the rest, making sure people and planet are part of your purpose.

You choose the impact you want to create, and we make sure it is verified and allocated to your portfolio: becoming your asset forever for the world to see.

Impact Events

Impact Events are how we create immediate impact. Design corporate CSR events to connect your employee volunteering to community outreach program and measure, allocate, and share the impact created. On Global Impact, these events show instant impact data, event information, and the opportunity to use storytelling.

Impact Events are connected to your company’s- or your customer’s- preferred sustainable cause. Immediately reach those customers that are passionate about those causes and invite them to join, donate, or learn more about the events you organize or sponsor. Any impact you create will be immediately available to your customers and all users to see.

Join Our Interactive Community

Global Impact facilitates the next generation of online users. We foster a community of people that want to directly create impact, learn about progress towards the SDGs, and connect with products and businesses who care and can help.

Market Your Impact Through Purposeful Story Telling

The impact you create will be shared through transformational storytelling and directly reaching those who care and support your cause- turning a previously invisible effort into the center of your branding. Create a loyal community around your brand like never before by acquiring more customers, retaining inspired employees, and engaging the community.

Are you ready to make a Global Impact?

The organizations we work with are rapidly responding to the mounting need for business models that are inclusive, responsible and lasting.
Are you?